About Us

Bloqbuzz is an up & coming independent media channel that was created with the purpose of bringing blockchain technology to a wider audience in a creative & entertaining way.

How are we unique?

We differentiate from other related media by providing our readers with regular, engaging, fresh and trendy blockchain related content that blends together a wide range of topics at the intersection of lifestyle and culture. Our unique concept allows us to explore and cover a variety of blockchain related topics in a more creative and unconventional context. 


  • Promote the use of blockchain technology for the benefit of society
  • Educate, inform and entertain by making complex topics understandable to the wider audience
  • Offer a virtual space for the discussion, interaction and the exchange of ideas

Editorial Policy

Everyday we aim to provide our readers with engaging content that lies at the intersection of blockchain and lifestyle. We strive to translate complex technological concepts into easy to understand, applicable, engaging, useful and entertaining articles.  


While as a media channel we operate at the cutting edge of technology, we strive to cultivate traditional values associated with highest standards of journalism such as honesty, transparency and most important – uncompromised quality.

Our values are at the very foundation of everything we do:

  • Honesty & Transparency
  • Originality & Uniqueness
  • Creativity & Courage
  • Quality & Attention To Detail
  • Novelty & Freshness
  • Respect & Integrity
  • Fun & Entertainment


Gasper Sopi, Executive editor

Teuta Franjkovic, Editor